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Prevention of money laundering: New obligation to incorporate into the company register (before 3rd of September 2019)

The Royal Decree Law No. 11/2018 has recently reformed Law 10/2018 of 28 April on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism. An additional provision now requires all-natural persons and legal entities to register in the commercial register in case they provide one or more of the following services (as provided for [...]

What documentation are needed to sell a house or an apartment?

Nowadays the sale of a property is covered with a great documentary and technical complexity. Indeed, when dealing with operations of high economic and vital relevance, there are many constraints that should be considered. Therefore, if you plan to sell a property you should have prepared the following documentation.   PROPERTY REGISTER EXTRACT Firstly, it [...]

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Purchase and sale of real estates in the Balearic Islands

Spouse’s express approval necessary when selling the family residence.   The Balearic Civil Code Depending on the region, Spain has different civil rights systems (Navarra, Basque, Galicia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands). This means that the Balearic Islands have their own civil law regulating the relations between the citizens living here.   What is the [...]

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Buying a property in Spain. Legal and tax problems

1.- CONTRACT A LAWYER SPECIALIZED IN REAL ESTATE LAW It’s obvious, nevertheless it's the most important advice you can be given before starting the complex process of buying a house abroad.   2.- LAND REGISTRY Before you complete your property purchase you should make sure that you have seen the Land Registry Certificate, available from [...]

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Tourist rentals – what does the preliminary draft law say?

Primary and brief practical approach to the civil law aspects (Preliminary draft law amending the 8/2012 Law, of July 19, relating to tourism in the Balearic Islands, concerning the marketing of tourist accommodation)   0.- IS IT APPLICABLE NOW? No. It is only a preliminary draft that must be approved by the Governing Council and [...]

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For those residents in the Balearic Islands, who are considering to plan their succession, we offer a complete service including all tax and legal aspects as well as the execution of all necessary steps. The following points should be taken into consideration: The new EU regulation for inheritances comes along with significant changes. Formerly the [...]

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(DESPITE THE UK OPTED-OUT OF THE NEW EUROPEAN INHERITANCE REGULATION) It’s absolutely advisable for UK nationals residing in Spain to determine by a last will that the Nationality Law has to be applied in their inheritances in order to avoid that those will be ruled by Spanish regulation.   1.- THE NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY EUROPEAN [...]

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Can a real estate agency offer or advertise a property for sale or rent (for longer than 4 months) without having the energy performance certificate? Article 12.2. makes it clear that the energy label “will be included in all offers, promotions and advertising, aimed at selling or renting a building or a unit of buildings". Therefore, the display [...]

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An approach to the economic, social and political situation of the Balearic Islands and Spain

0.- INTRODUCTION Good Morning and welcome to Majorca. I’m Miquel A. Mas one of the cofounders and lawyer of the firm DMS-Consulting. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to host all of you here in our country. I am currently responsible of the area of Property Law, Commercial Law and Civil Law. We are [...]

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Given the special social peculiarity of the Balearic islands, our firm has been a pioneer in the introduction and study of Regulation 650/2012 of the European Union in our country,  as according to us, it will have big and important consequences. The European Union has been setting new social realities. It is calculated that more [...]

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