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Real Estate and Civil Law

Real estate law. Our firm has extensive experience in handling real estate transactions.
As urban planning legislation in the Balearic Islands is very complex, we pay particular attention to the legal situation of any property or land subject to transfer.

For this reason, our team includes urban planning law specialists, architects and engineers as well as international real estate tax advisors – we are therefore also able to advise our clients on all the tax implications of any real estate transfer.

We also advise on tenancy issues (drafting contracts, eviction process etc), horizontal property ownership and Spanish residential property law.

Inheritance law

We can advise in all aspects of succession planning and corresponding tax treatment, especially if your estate has international components and the EU Succession Regulation (Brussels IV) applies.  We can also advise on the applicability of inheritance pacts.

Litigation and civil procedure

We have extensive experience in civil and mercantile courts. Whilst we always try to settle disputes out of court and avoid judicial processes, when there is no other alternative, we have highly qualified lawyers in this field with a thorough knowledge of civil procedure.

Real rights (jus in re)

  • Easements, rights of way, usufruct, mortgages, etc.

Contract law

  • Contracts for services, works contracts, swaps

Civil liability and damages

  • Traffic accidents, professional negligence, breach of contract, infringements etc.

Family law

We offer a specialized, professional service to assist you in these delicate moments of your life. We analyse and examine the situation in its entirety and complexity and evaluate the tax and civil law implications (inheritance, property…) of each decision in relation to the current and future situation.

In family law issues, it is important to act with a long-term perspective.

Based on this commitment and taking into account the diversity and plurality of family structures in the 21st century, our services include:

  • Divorces
  • Separations
  • Pre-marital agreements
  • Child custody and guardianship of children
  • Alimony payments
  • Regulation of the matrimonial property regime
  • Compensation payments
  • Filiation

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