About DMS

We have condensed our more than 30 years of experience in the development of a new concept of “Legal Intelligence”, a truly innovative working model that allows us to bring to each matter a capacity to resolve your legal issues that goes far beyond a mere technical legal study of the matter in question.


The firm DEL CAMPO, MAS I SEGURA, ADVOCATS (DMS) was set up in 1991 to offer top quality legal advice. This vocation encouraged, shortly afterwards, the establishment of CONSULTING EMPRESARIAL BALEAR (CEB), recruiting new partners to manage the new professional areas: economic and legal advice.

This growth, thanks to the trust our clients placed in us, had as a consequence the setting up of DMS-CEB CONSULTING SL in the year 2006, which has allowed us to make available a team of professionals with great experience and a high degree of specialization contained within the same office, with the corresponding comfort, guaranteeing that all the issues and problems that you may encounter are evaluated and resolved, having in mind all the aspects and possible consequences.

The dynamism of our information society is the reason why we are continuously reinventing our range of services. From this need of adjustment to the new technologies and to the internationalisation was born Comygo, in 2014, our start up of ecommerce.


In DMS Legal it is our priority to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized service, adapted to the new technologies and above all trustworthy.

To carry out such a task we have different departments, highly specialized and coordinated to solve your matters, always from a global perspective.

In order to be able to respond to your questions outside of the country we co-founded the European network ILAS in 2010, in Amsterdam. At present, we have just set up a new department, specialized in internalization and global commerce.

Our premise is to adapt and update our services.


Since our formation, in DMS Legal we have committed ourselves to society, where we offer services, especially in the higher education and training of future specialists in the matter. In this way, among our professionals we have prestigious professors from the Balearic Islands University, who share their passion for teaching and study.

In a similar way, we participate and sponsor events, competitions and workshops that favour entrepreneurship among the young in the University.