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What is the difference between “patria potestad” and “guarda y custodia” in Spanish family law?

One of the most common confusions in family proceedings in Spanish law is between the concepts of “PATRIA POTESTAD” (parental authority) and “GUARDA Y CUSTODIA” (guardianship and custody) of minor children. Parental authority is the right and duty of parents in relation to their children. The Spanish Civil Code establishes that it shall be exercised [...]

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Alejandro Del Campo mentioned by The Local Spain in relation to Why Brits in Spain should consider drafting a will now more than ever


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The Local Spain again mentions our partner Alejandro Del Campo in relation to inheritance tax planning for non-residents.


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‘It’s absurd’: How Britons who let out properties in Spain could see taxes triple after Brexit. Alejandro Del Campo mentioned by The Local Spain.


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DMS Consulting has assumed the presidency of ILAS (International Legal Accounting Solutions)

Aware of our international environment DMS Consulting was founded with the a clear emphasis on international and especially European issues. We have now once again deepened in this line. Our partner Miquel A. Mas i Colom
 has assumed the presidency of ILAS (International Legal Accounting Solutions). As a consequence, DMS Consulting with our partners Alejandro [...]

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Our intensive efforts for a strong internet performance are bearing fruits

In line with our strong commitment to the new technologies and innovative communication channels we have recently made a strong effort to improve our internet performance.  According to the analysis of our website traffic, we would be completely justified in stating that this endeavor is bearing fruits: the number of visits to our website has [...]

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DMS informs foreign residents in Majorca about taxation and holiday renting

Following Thursday, June 25 at 17'00 p.m at Port d'Andratx, Restaurant Ca'n Pep, DMS's members, Alejandro del Campo, Miquel Àngel Mas, Sandra Krupp and Gunter Roth will be holding a conference aimed at foreign residents from the Balearic Islands related to issues of their interest. They will be informed about the obligation of declaring assets abroad [...]

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