Aware of our international environment DMS Consulting was founded with the a clear emphasis on international and especially European issues.
We have now once again deepened in this line. Our partner Miquel A. Mas i Colom
 has assumed the presidency of ILAS (International Legal Accounting Solutions).

As a consequence, DMS Consulting with our partners Alejandro del Campo Zafra, Rafel Payeras Cifre, Miquel A. Mas i Colom and our head of our international clients department Sandra Krupp, took an active part in the ILAS conference held between January 25 and 27 2018 in Milano.
At the conference the new statutes have been approved, the general assembly has been held, the new board of directors have been voted and the different offices have been presented.
ILAS is a European network of law firms and tax advisors based in Düsseldorf (Germany). With a clear vocation to expand, ILAS is currently composed of 13 firms from 8 different European countries (Berlin, Düsseldorf, London, Leicester, Rome, Milan, Pavia, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Cyprus Istanbul and Palma/ Mallorca),
DMS Consulting wants to form part of the globalized world we live in- not at least to offer an efficient service to our international clients.