Who gets the pet after the divorce?

This topic has always played a role in divorce proceedings and divorce agreements, but has only been specifically regulated since the last Animal Protection Act came into force.  What is a pet in the above-mentioned law?  In principle, this only includes cats, dogs and some rodents, but nothing prevents us from regulating the care of [...]

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I will apply for joint custody so that I don’t have to pay maintenance – right or wrong?

I am sorry to have to tell you that this idea, with which many clients come to our office, unfortunately does not correspond to reality.   The aim of child maintenance in the event of divorce or separation of the parents is not only to fulfil the basic needs of the children, but also to [...]

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Joint Custody: Supreme Court criteria for child welfare

Although joint custody has established itself as a general rule because it facilitates the child's relationship with both parents, its implementation is not automatic, as the exercise of joint custody requires not only an equal division of time, but also of parental responsibility.  For this reason, and in view of the fact that the best [...]

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