Who gets the pet after the divorce?

This topic has always played a role in divorce proceedings and divorce agreements, but has only been specifically regulated since the last Animal Protection Act came into force.  What is a pet in the above-mentioned law?  In principle, this only includes cats, dogs and some rodents, but nothing prevents us from regulating the care of [...]

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What happens to the family home after the divorce?

Normally, the property that serves as the family home belongs to both spouses - either 50/50 or in unequal shares. In the event of divorce, this often leads to disputes as to which of the two spouses/owners may continue to use the property.  In these cases, it is highly advisable to dissolve the shared ownership [...]

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Am I allowed to publish pictures of my child on social media or not?

"Am I allowed to publish pictures of my child on social media or not?" is one of the most frequently asked questions for new parents today. But this question becomes a real conflict when parents separate: Am I allowed to post pictures of my child on social media if the other parent doesn't agree?  The [...]

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Non-payment of alimony

In case of non-payment of alimony of one parent the other parent can file an enforceable claim through a lawyer and solicitor requesting to comply with thr obligation and, if necessary, that sufficient assets be seized to cover the amount of unpaid alimony in addition to the costs of the process and the interest generated.  [...]

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What is child maintenance, what does it include and who pays it?

Child maintenance or alimony is the financial contribution to be paid between parents in case of need. Our Civil Code states that this child maintenance means everything that is necessary for sustenance, housing, clothing, medical care, education and instruction. Unless otherwise mutually agreed, maintenance includes all the ordinary expenses of the minor children (school start-up [...]

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