Some time ago we have created a blog where the lawyers, tax advisors and economists from DMS- Consulting frequently publish news and reports about every legal subject (labor law, administrative law, tax law, civil law, criminal law etc.) and accounting: (http://www. consultingdms. com)

Following the line of COPYLEFT, which goes back to the idea of Richard Stallman, and due to our intention to popularize our information in order to stimulate the discussion in an open society as ours, we want our posts to be copyleft, that means:

Please feel free to:

• copy, pass on and discuss our information publicly

• use our information commercially


Under the following conditions:

• Detail the author: Using our posts, the author or licenser has to be pointed out at any time (though not in a way that suggests that the originator supports the way of use by third persons).

• No changes: Any changes, variations or the writing of an own work based on our posts are forbidden.


Therefore don’t hold back and use, copy or spread our posts whenever you want. We only ask you to indicate the author’s name and our blog.